Common Place Book

‘The Inner Ring’

The Inner Ring By C S Lewis is a fantastic reminder to us all to be mindful and wary of our desire not to be left out. To be apart of something to fit in. Every time I read it or any article with a similar resounding theme one powerful statement always pops into my mind. This quote was revealed to me in my early teens by a friend who challenged my every thought, never engaged in frivolous conversation and no matter how frustrating I found him at times, I always left our encounters thinking deeper about the state of our society and life in general, than I had ever done before. Although we rarely cross paths anymore the memories of our interactions remain and it always comes back to this:


“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society” – Krishnamurti

This is the line I recall in my mind and sometimes aloud when people question my choices that go against ‘the norm’ simply because society does not recognise the merits of things that are different or go against the grain. When people have not stopped to explore, research and discuss why the processes they generally try to protect and hold on to so tightly, exist in the first place. Perhaps instead of questioning the practices of others it would be wiser to look closer at the pros and cons of ones own. Then after, even if they were unable to agree with my decisions, they may be able to understand the reason and basis upon which I undertook them (for I take very few important decisions in life lightly) and be able to construct a detailed worthy argument or sit and have a simple informed discussion.

Before you shun an idea it is best you know what you are accepting in its place.


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