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Family Blogging – Little M’s Contribution

As a parent I am conscious about modelling the behaviours and attitudes I wish my children to adopt throughout their lives. One of the areas where this most concerns me is related to screen time, how much and the actual activity it involves. My thoughts on this are quite extensive but this post is for Little M and as we are writing together I’ll leave those opinions to share with you another time.

Since starting this blog I’ve spent a lot more time with my phone in my hands or with the laptop open than I usually would and it was becoming obvious little M really wanted to spend more time on my phone or other electronics as a result. I wanted to get him involved some way in the blog so that he could begin to understand that I was not just watching videos or playing games but proactively creating something and documenting our adventures. Since most of my adventures are family endeavours and most of what I will write in the future will pertain to us all I thought it was important to give little M a role of his own (A is still a little too young but perhaps he’ll have one in the future).

M loves to take photographs. He has his own digital camera, he takes photos on his leap pad and also on my phone and likes to play around with the settings therefore I thought perhaps he’d like to become One Hundred and One Pursuits official photographer. when I presented the idea to him he leaped at the opportunity.

And so we began today with Onion Growing – Part 2.



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