The Begining

“If you don’t do you guarantee your own failure.”


For some time now I have been toying with the idea of starting a blog but I’ve been unable pin point a topic that I felt confident enough to lay down my opinions and share them with the world. During an online conversation, regarding the advantages and disadvantages of digital common place books, the suggestion of making a common place blog was put to me. It was then that I was confronted with a harsh reality; that the real reason I’d never started a blog was because I was afraid.


Afraid to fail.


In fact it was the reason that I have buried my desires to delve deeply into many pursuits and to develop ideas that have swum around in my head for years.

Yet, it is also one of the reasons that I have been able to dip my toes in so many different waters experiencing many mini adventures in my life. I have danced Ballet, Tap, Modern, Jazz, Flamenco and Lindihop, performed as a child on great London stages and in small local town theatres. I have sang, entered cruise ship auditions, lived in London and attended performing arts college. I have been a model, a sales woman, an insurance advisor, a karate instructor, a scuba diver, a dive guide, an environmentalist, an aspiring marine biologist and conservationist. I’ve driven motorbikes, dabbled in musical instruments and even rocked a mohawk for a while. I have  been fortunate enough to travel to Paris, Barbados, Turkey and the USA. I have undertaken an internship in Egypt and fallen in love. I have learnt little bits of Arabic, Swedish, German and Japanese. I have swum with turtles and driven boats. I’ve witnessed meteor showers out at sea. And of the books I choose to devour I am a student. Next month or year I am sure there will be another subject waiting for me to dare to dabble. However to date my greatest adventure of all is marriage and parenting which I hope will last me a life time.

Although all these little experiences have been quite grand to me in unique ways, I have always been ashamed of my inability to turn my fleeting passions into a permanent career or hobby like my fellow human beings appear so apt at doing. It is a trait of mine that I have been trying to out run for a lifetime.

When I spilt these inner most feelings (a rather condensed version) to the conversation group the response I received was simple yet it was like a red hot poker driving me into action. “If you don’t do you guarantee your own failure.” 

My fear has driven me to inaction or to retreat at the first hurdle and as a result I have yet to experience the rest of my eclectic desires and interests. I am yet to run free and see just how much potential my ideas hold. It’s time. I start today. Going forward I embrace my nature and revel in all the adventures big and small, long and short. My first pursuit is the opening of this blog where I hope to share with you as many of my future pursuits as I possibly can.


And if you’re still with me, Thank You for helping me take my very first steps!

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