Welcome to One Hundred and One Pursuits.

Join us as our family embarks on our homeschooling adventure!

A true education takes a lifetime to obtain. Learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom; it can take place anywhere anytime.  Every individual is responsible for their own education but it is also up to us parents to stand as the example and lead the way.

Learning spans out into every broad aspect of our lives from academics, work , house keeping and self care to hobbies, belief systems and lifestyle choices. The list is endless. The possibilities are endless and the opportunities are abundant.

That’s why within this blog you won’t just find activities and tips related to your typical curriculum subjects (though there will certainly be few of those too) but you will come with us on all the different adventures we end up on.

I hope that by sharing with you our pursuit of knowledge, the highs the lows and everything in between, that you will find some inspiration and lead out in your families education too.





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