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A Failed Plan Could Be Your Biggest Gift

“Not a thing had happened the way she had planned; no, not a single thing. But it seemed to her she had never been so happy in her life.” – Understood Betsy

It’s true that regularly in life we make plans and for one reason or another the outcome is not as we had imagined. Plans can often be thwarted by influences beyond our control or sometimes it’s simply that our they no longer fit in with what we desire and thus they must adapt.I often here people commenting in a disheartened tone that “things just didn’t go to plan.” Or “Nothing I plan ever works out.” Sometimes we use it as an excuse to stop trying to achieve, to give up. Other times the prognosis is even worse; we have become so disappointed in our lack of perceived ‘success’ that we have lost hope all together. We no longer dare to dream and thus see no reason to set goals. Without something to aim for we have no plans or at least are plans effect no change.

Do you ever feel this way?

Let me tell you there is hope. The future could be different and with a change of mind set so could your present.

Where we are right now is often exactly where we need to be. When we put our trust in god and the universe we begin to recognise that what we plan may not always be what is best for us. When we examine closely all the blessings that we have as the result of our trips down bumpier paths, they are often greater and richer than those we could have gained if everything had got smoothly to plan.

Dorothy Canfield made Betsy the perfect example of how the best made plans don’t always come to fruition. She had been raised by a well meaning Aunt who had inadvertently sucked all the confidence out of this young child and replaced it with fears and anxiety and a complete disbelief in her own capabilities. Being none the wiser however Betsy loved and relied deeply upon her Aunt and the thought of having to be without her was distressing. However when the plan to spend her entire childhood in this company was disrupted suddenly by a family members illness, the two were to be separated. Betsy finds her self flung into a world where all of her fears are thrown at her and she is confronted with this world of unknown. Aunt Frances is not there to comfort and shield her.

Guess what though, turns out it was exactly what Betsy needed to rebuild her confidence and grow into the person she was destined to be. Once unable to do a thing for herself Betsy finds that she really is capable. That she can cook for others, do math, walk by herself, dress herself and think for herself. She discovers that other people need her as much if not more than she requires others. She’s no longer the delicate meek girl everyone told her she was. Nothing went the way Aunt Frances or Betsy had planned and as a result Betsy was the happiest she had ever been. She was becoming the best version of herself and I honestly believe that she wouldn’t of had it any other way in retrospect.

Sometimes the universe throws us curveball after curveball, hurdles and mountains and all we can do is keep on going, adjust, counteract, regroup, replan and march on forward. Yet before we do all of that take a moment to stand completely still and admire where you are right now and all the greats you have as a result of everything you’ve done so far planned or not.


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