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100 Books In A Month Challenge


A few days ago I came across an inspirational post over at My Story My Song. Paige tells us about a reading challenge that she set for her class. 100 shared books in a month. Not only did her class meet this goal but they exceeded it and gained much more from it than simply getting through a list of books.

In the Thomas Jefferson Education model there is a huge emphasis placed on family and group reading and discussion. Classic literature teaches many things including moral values, life lessons, critical thinking skills, expansion of vocabulary and of course those academic topics such as Math, English, Science and Geography to name but a few. Parents and care givers that read to children from a very early age can help significantly with their reading and language comprehension later on in their education and also helps to strengthen emotional bonds which are important for healthy cognitive brain function. Yet, as Paige highlighted in her post and as TJed has a fundamental principle based upon, the most important gift of reading to children is developing that love for books and a love of learning.

As I’ve mentioned before I love reading to my children and we read quite a few books daily but I have no idea how many we get through a month. So yesterday we pledged as a family to see if we could undertake the 100 book challenge. So far we are up to 7 and I will keep a book list as we go. We’ll be using books we already own, the library and I’ve purchased a few new books on the kindle that I’ve been wanting to get for a while. I’ll also be using the TJed core Phase book list for some great classic family readouds.

If you fancy taking up the challenge too or need more information check out the original post over at My Story My Song Linked above.


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