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March Mathness

The wonderful DeMilles at TJed shared with us all that March is the month of math aka #Marchmathness. It’s the first year I had heard of this and we were a little slow on the uptake but yesterday we rose to the challenge and began our month of math starting with a highly recommended video of Donald Duck in Mathland.

Today we followed that up with (yes it’s those much loved colourful bricks again) some DUPLO math.

Today the boys and I together constructed simple towers dipicting the numbers 1-10 and created a paper backdrop with the numbers written on. Once put side by side M realised that the towers depicted a set of stairs and we spoke about the connection between stairs and the incraments of 1.


This progressed to a little addition and writing practice.


Perhaps we need a little practice to make the distinction between addition signs and multiplication signs over here but I totally let this slide for now!

I explained to M how I aimed to include a little math each day this month and he asked if we could include baking a cake so I guess that’ll be on the cards for tomorrow.


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