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A Sad Day For The Kitchen Garden

Well today my small kitchen garden mourns the loss of 9 onion plants. 2 of the 11 remain but with very poor roots I am not sure they will survive either.

A few weeks back a tiny battalion of horrible flies plagued my plants. I was at the time unaware flies could do any damage but as my plant health deteriorated I began to do a little research and discovered such a thing as ‘onion fly’. To be honest I naively convinced myself that they could not possibly be onion fly but to be on the safe side I sprayed and got rid of those little pests anyway. Unfortunately I was to late.

Today an abundance of tiny little maggots had hatched and were just visible to the naked eye so it was bye bye to all the affected plants. I checked each individual and managed  to keep two that look infestation free. Let’s hope they stay that way.

I’m also sure that now the plants are a little bigger and the bulbs are starting to form that I may have been over watering them all a tad and that perhaps accounts for the poor root growth of a few of the plants. So I vow today to cut back and let that soil dry out bit.

To say I am disappointed is an understatement. I hope it’s ‘Onwards and Upwards’ for those still standing.


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