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Bad Mummy and Snow Accidents

This morning, like many parts of the UK we woke up to a garden covered in a blanket of snow with the promise of more to come.

The boys were super impatient to get out and build some snow castles so straight after breakfast I layered them up and we headed outside.

M had disappeared up the other end of the garden clearing a path with his spade as he went. Meanwhile Little A had removed his gloves and was burying his tiny little hands in the snow. Busy trying to chase him about and put his gloves back on I hadn’t seen Little M heading straight towards the pond.

One foot, two foot, cracked the ice went and in he went up his waste. He chambered out ran down the garden screaming “I’m wet. Its cold!”. It took me a moment to recognise his legs were wet and just what he had done. So I picked both the boys up headed straight indoors to the bathroom and stripped M down. Rushed to place him on the sofa introit of the fire with a blanket and set to getting the boys a hot chocolate to warm up.

Luckily the pond he chose to explore is small and shallow and that I was in the garden in close proximity as I am sure that moment could have ended a lot worse. But boy do I feel guilty! I didn’t even think to remind him or even explain that under the snow the same dangers in the garden are present and that we must be extremely vigilant when we can’t see what’s buried beneath the surface. Of course that conversation came after these events and I’m sure from experience M will be a little more cautious in the future


For reasons unknown to me little children take great delight in freezing there little butts off in the winter snow.

So ensure before they all venture outside that you take the following precautions:

1. Remind all children to take care where they place there feet as they run blazing trails through the snow; that ponds and other things such as rocks, large sticks they’ve collected in abundance, garden toys or tools may perhaps be lying beneath the snow in waiting.

2. Perhaps in advance of snow place some form of marker such as a couple of painted canes to mark the edge of the pond and make sure everyone in the family knows what they mean

3. When you pop indoors for a coffee beamcause you’re far to sensible to let kids pummel you with freezing icy snow balls just make sure your in hand incase any of the angels forget there heads and get sucked in to trying to see if the ice over the top of the pond makes a great skating rink.

M just admitted that he was aware the pond was there and wanted to “skate like those people on TV” I guess dancing on ice combined with the winter Olympics has given him some grand desire to take to the ice!

Stay safe and have fun all!


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