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Hexagon Knot Bunnys

Around about a year ago I fell into possession of a book entitled “A Beginners Guide To Constructing The Universe” by Michael S. Schneider. If you could approach anyone of my high-school Math teachers they would probably be able to tell you that I would certainly never be a mathematician . I had always felt like a fish out of water when it came to numbers and it wasn’t until I returned to college as an adult that I began to grew in confidence yet I still found absolutely zero pleasure in the practice of mathematics and deemed it quite a chore right up untill this book made its way into our home.

(If you’ve ever doubted that there is a world of beauty and wonder wrapped up in all those numbers and theories this is the book that will change your mind).

When I first sat down to read and work with this book I set out my compass, pencil and paper at the table and was soon joined by a very curious Little M. He sat alongside me several days in a row practicing drawing circles with a compass, watching me work on creating different geometric shapes and listening to my sheer excitement as I told him all about what I was absorbing from the pages of Schneider’s masterpiece. I was astounded at how little M had been drawn in too.

As all things after a few weeks life got busy, summer struck we had lots of outings, a trip abroad and eventually the book ended back on the shelf.

This week however a spark of energy; perhaps filed by the knowledge that spring, my favourite time of the year, will soon be peeping round the corner, has driven me into action. Each day I’ve been setting a couple of hours in the morning to sit at an activity with the boys with my full attention. We’ve made patterns with Duplo, we’ve compared The Little Mermaid Disney film against Andersons original story, we’ve baked biscuits, practiced our Arabic alphabet, played the Ukulele, written our own train stories, made pop corn and watched a dinosaur documentary. There’s probably a few more things I could add but you get the picture. We’ve been pretty busy having lots of family fun.


This morning we introduced some alphabet and number stencils and finally reunited with our old friend the compass and our beloved copy of ‘A Beginners Guide to Constructing The Universe’.


I opened up at number 6 and got lost in the world of hexagons. M and I launched into making hexagon paper knots whilst a michevious A went to town colouring and attempting to use the letter stencils in his high chair. We cut our strips of paper and proceeded to fold,tuck, weave and pull the them into one another to create our knots.



The results were pretty satisfying and after making quite a few M decided he wanted to glue them together. The way in which he done so really made them come out looking a little like rabbits. So with the addition of some little doodles we ended up with these cuties:


Hooray Hooray, Bunny’s!

Flip them over and what do you get?

Happy Standing Straight Bunny’s!


Today we went from stenciling to compass circles, to the number 6, then to Hexagons, knots and finally on to making hexagon knot rabbits. That’s one grand educational “rabbit trail”! Why don’t you give it a try?




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