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Pancake Art and Facial Burns

This evening after a full hearty dinner Lil M and I headed back to the kitchen with our hearts set on making some golden syrup covered pancakes. Yum!

M helped me to measure out the flour and baking powder, cracked the egg into the jug, poured in the milk and stirred to his heart content the smoothest pancake mix. Then he stepped back and let me take over to do the cooking.

Earlier in the day I’d been browsing Facebook when a video came up on my news feed. It was somebody making pictures of cats in the pancakes they were cooking. I was amazed and wondered how on earth they did it as the video didn’t show their technique. As I began cooking my pancakes this video sprang to mind and I thought I’d give it a shot. I tried to make a heart shape which ended up like a rather odd blob, I attempted a smiley face but that didn’t work at all and I made some circles which came out fairly well defined. Okay so my pancakes were pretty rough but it was fun to try.

All good things must come to an end how ever and this pancake adventure was no exception because when I got a little heavy handed on the pouring and perhaps a too enthusiastic with the flipping, extremely hot pancake mixture splashed up over the right side of my face and burnt the corner of my right eye.

3 hours later the burn is still rather sore and a little itchy.

So warning for anybody who wishes to attempt pancake art, tone the enthusiasm down it might look pretty but it can be dangerous… may I perhaps, at the risk of being ridiculed out of the bloggersphere, suggest for such experiments as these a pair goggles or an entire face mask to ensure your eyes remain in tact!

Seriously though guys please remember to be careful in the kitchen especially with your little sous chefs. I always make sure that once the oven or stove top is on that the little ones stand back or well to the side and today I’m really greatful that M was out of the firing line when this occurred. Its always fun to have M help me in the kitchen and he does so every single day but it is also super important to remember that accidents can and do happen. Boiling liquids, hot foods, and excellent heat conductors such as metal pans can be a real hazard and no body wants to spoil great kitchen fun with a trip to A & E so play it safe.

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