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Two Buses, One Show and A Whole Heap Of Educational Inspiration

Our day began today by dropping Little A at Nanny’s for a few hours whilst great Nanny, M and I took a bus ride to the local theatre.

A Tigers Tale was the fantastic production that we had the privilege of going to see and we thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Little M was gripped and really couldn’t stay sitting in his sit, for standing up was the best he could do to get physically involved.

The show was based on a true story about a family from Yorkshire who left their little village to join a travelling train circus which was touring South Africa. When the circuses tiger had a cub the little girl convinced her mother, father and the tiger trainer to let her keep it. As the cub grew, so did the the child’s awareness and it pained her too witness  examples of the life the cub would endure if it stayed within the circus.  The little girl begged her parents to take,  Phinella, the tiger with them back to their little English village and that’s exactly what they did. Phinella became loved by all the neighbours and children who and grown accustomed to seeing a tiger being walked daily on a leash around the streets and despite local council concerns, the village residents all petitioned for Phinella to be able to remain. She lived with the family for 10 years untill she peacefully passed away.

The show was emotionally moving and the little circus tricks helped keep the mood lighta and a little more child friendly too. Phinella was a puppet made from a metal hinged frame on wheels with a rope for a tail and a puppet head. For a low budget production it really scored top marks for creativity. The message echoed throughout the play was that every ordinary person has a story to tell, it’s the little moments and choices we make that make the ordinary extraordinary and sometimes the exrodinary is simply somebody else’s ordinary.

After grabbing some lunch we caught a bus to my mums house, played for a bit in the garden and headed home in the evening for dinner.

Clearly our day trip left quite an impression on little M.

Little M’s Duplo Bus Station

After dinner he sat down and worked on building his own busses, bus station benches and added a couple of passengers. This week he has genuinely become quite enthralled with building vehicles out of Duplo yet I was stoked to see him take that one step further and transform a life experience and memory into a model!

It didn’t stop there we headed up to bed for story hour. I asked the boys to pick up the books and put them away. Yet after putting my phone on charge and tidying up a bit myself I turn around to find M and A trying to balance books in their hands. “Look, mum I’m balancing like the show” said M and then he proceeded to try to stand on one leg at the same time. After a good 10 minutes of practice and lots of laughter he actually managed to get pretty good.


He then requested a circus story which of course I had none. Yet a quick peruse in the kindle store and I found a childrens cookbook titled ‘Run Away To The Circus’. Its a story intertwined with recipes of which the popcorn one sounds especially tasty, easily replicated and worth a try!

Whilst I read the book A promptly nodded off and M built himself a Duplo Tiger and then proceeded to fall asleep clutching it.

Its amazing to see how little minds process information from their environments and expiriences. THERE was an abundance of activities that can come from one small trip. The learning that comes from building and creating with Duplo alone is pretty amazing and I found a great post about its benifits here.

Learning has happened today, alot of it, unplanned but all of it relevant. Together we have explored art and media,architecture, story telling and local history. We have spoken about Africa, we’ve pretended to be tigers, we have worked on number and letter recognition by reading out the signs on the buses at the station, we’ve heard and talked about the sound of ‘air breaks’, we have socialised with family and strengthened bonds. We discussed and touched on topics of great importance such as animal welfare and the implications and possible pitfalls of keeping exotic animals as pets. Meanwhile A has been practicing how to gently interact with a domestic cat. We’ve played restraunts, hide and seek and even practiced writing. Along with plenty of physical exercise and freshair. But most importantly we have had fun every step of the way.

Today was an ordinary day but when you break it down bit by bit, the outcomes could be considered pretty extraordinary.


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