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We Made A Rainbow!

Our incomplete rainbow experiment weighing heavily on my mind this morning, I couldn’t understand how, having followed all the instructions in the magazine, we could have failed to achieve a rainbow. I vaguely remembered doing a similar experiment at school with a prism but I can’t quite remember the specifics and it was bugging me. Our lesson felt incomplete and I had a little time on my hands so I took to my trusty Google friend (a reoccurring theme I feel) and felt utterly stupid when it came to light that the glass needed to be filled with water! How did I miss that one in the instructions? Well I didn’t as such the picture shows the glass partially full however no where in the written text does it mention water at all thus I forgive myself entirely.

"All you need is:
A square glass or jar
A sheet of white paper
A torch or bright light

Hold the jar close to the 
paper and shine the light 
through it to make rainbows 
appear on your paper."
Magazine Text
(I can't name as A tore the
front cover off and
I can't be certain it's the 
magazine I think it is).


Having discovered where we went wrong M rushed to find the torch, I grabbed a glass, filled it with water and hunted for a sheet of blank white paper upon which I stood the glass. After a few minutes of battle with Lil A and trying to stop him from using the glass of water to dip his hands in and wet the paper,  we managed to get this little beauty :

Rainbow photo taken by me as Lil M wanted to hold the torch.

Lesson Complete!


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