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“The Way to Be Happy Is to Be Good” – Gene Stratton-Porter

“The way to be happy is to be good.”

Laddie, a True Blue Story By Gene Stratton-Porter

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This one little sentence has been bounding about my head ever since I first read it several months back. It has been a useful reminder to me when my hearts desires have been in conflict with my rationale mind. 

I even found myself saying it out loud to little M  when he strongly proclaimed “I’m really sad”. It came about after having his Duplo creation fall to pieces during his refusal to put it safely aside whilst he got dressed.I saw the clogs ticking whilst he paused and thought this one through. He picked up the pieces placed them to one side, got his clothes on, smiled as he rebuilt his fire engine and said “thank you mum”. “The Way to Be Happy Is to Be Good” not entirely sure what he was thanking for, perhaps it was for helping him get dressed but somehow it felt as if he was thanking me for the light bulb moment that little bit of wisdom had created. The ability to recognise that his happiness was something he chose to control. In that moment something had clicked and he seemed to recognise that sometimes things go a lot smoother and cause less upset if we aim to do the right thing prior to or in place of doing the thing we desire most.

Thank you Mrs Stratton-Porter!

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