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Orwell Country Park 2018


Whilst taking a gorgeous late afternoon walk beside the river we stopped to admire and capture the above tree. It filled me with awe and wonder. All of its roots are at least partially exposed and approximately 50% of them are no longer rooted at all. The sandy, muddy bank has eroded away from beneath the tree yet it does not lean. It remains standing tall and strong creating shade and shelter. The roots which are still buried appear to be strong, run deep and connect to the trees surroundings. Tough enough to support and suspend the entire tree.

Imprinted in my mind are thoughts about the importance of the roots we cultivate and the foundations we lay in our lives.

It is true that when calamity strikes and perhaps we begin to question some of the ideals we hold , our morals and values that remain untainted are sufficient support to us untill we are able to over come our troubles and rebuild our faith or belief system. When we find ourselves at a crossroad it is those values and roots that guide us and enable us to find peace with our final decisions.

Just like the roots of a tree, our friends, family and acquaintances weave a supportive web. If one of those connections is severed, broken or damaged, be it through a form of conflict, the end of a life or simply a gradual parting of ways,  the remainder of that web stays in tact continuing to maintain its overall structure until the connection is repaired or a new bond is formed.

Maintaining the health of our bodies and cells is perhaps one of the most essential foundations we lay for our lives. Ensuring we obtain the right nutrition and balance between rest and exercise.  The roots of good diet and healthy lifestyle provide us a safety net, so that when one or more cells in our body is under attack or perhaps unable to function, the rest of our body is strong enough to pick up the slack untill we are able to repair or adjust.

The roots of the mind are arguably just as important. According to an article I read at there are a quadrillion connections in the adult human brain. The brain is our computer; our center for collecting and distributing knowledge. It is the foundation of every action we take and governs our ability to think constructively and critically. Education and knowledge have been of utmost importance to many civilisations for centuries. The knowledge we gather through experience, literature, culture, arts and media govern who we are and how we behave when disaster strikes,  or when part of our surrounding banks erode. That knowledge helps us to stand tall, to make decisions, to take action and to know if we are on the right path. It keeps us alive.

So just like a tree sends nourishment to its roots to maintain them and equally takes from its roots to maintain itself  we too give and take from our foundations. They are our core and our central strength and thus it is vital, that from the moment human life graces us with its presence on this earth, we nourish it. We should inspire our infants, youth and encourage ourselves to invest in our values, morals, our communities, our health and our education so that when a portion of those roots are exposed or damaged we still remain whole. We remain standing strong and tall just like this tree.




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