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Crafts – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!


This should be the mantra in every household that is striving to live a little more sustainably.

Becoming more conscious of how I play my part in using the Earth’s resources is important to me. I dream of one day being able to lead out and live self sufficiently on a little homestead and In Shaa Allah, becoming a sign of hope and inspiration to others proving there is a way to lessen the anxieties around income and unstable economies whilst living more consciously and consuming minimally.

This dream is one that I can not make a reality immediately but I am determined to take steps closer each day and start living it bit by bit.

So through learning to rethink the reasons for making purchases and the way I make purchases, adjusting my spending habits and the families diet, I am beginning to REDUCE what we consume.

Before throwing out any item I endeavour always to see if it can be useful to others, be mended or be REUSED else where in the home.

For anything that doesn’t fall into those categories I will do my utmost best to RECYCLE.

Even the littles are getting involved. Using packaging for doing arts and crafts used to be one of my favourite activities at primary school and I always look forward to doing similar projects with the boys. Since store brought craft materials can work out costly and most kids crafts eventually end up in the bin (mum guilt kicks in but hey we can’t keep them all on display forever) it seems logical to cut back on purchasing bits and use the waste we’ve already created. With that in mind today M and I made a monster puppet out of an empty chocolate box.

Picture taken by Lil M.


The googly eyes, pipe cleaners and feathers were from a set that was gifted to us last year and when we are through with our puppet I’ll see if we can’t rescue those eyes and feathers to reuse and the box will be recycled.

This planet belongs to no man and should be treated with respect. It has been clear for some time that the way humans now live, rapidly consuming the planets resources is not sustainable. We each have a responsibility and role to play in progressing towards more sustainable lifestyles whilst securing a sustainable future for the planet and it’s in inhabitants. I have a long way to go before I can honestly say I am doing my best and fulfilling my duties in this area but I do pledge to make improvements bit by bit .

Could you be doing more too?


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