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Crochet Baby Comforter

I’ve been very quiet for a few days because I really wanted to share my success with you all on my new crochet adventure but I couldn’t.

On the 10th of January, Lillyahana (my friend’s daughter), graced us with her presence. I was super psyched for the family and wanted to impart a little gift and keepsake. I knew that her mum would be her usual supermum organised self and that clothes, toys, blankets and all that other baby paraphernalia would be well taken care of already. I wasn’t sure what to contribute. Yet I’d caught the crochet bug and decided a nice purple hand-made gift would be ideal. So here it is.


I even lined the back with some purple material we had hiding away upstairs.

In addition in true homeschooling style Myles wanted to join in with his own little embroidery project too!


Watch out all there might be a hand made gift heading your way soon!

What keepsakes have you received from friends and family that still hold a special place in your heart today?


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