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Growing Onions – We Have Shoots!!


It’s been 11 days since we planted our first onion bottom, when we looked this morning our little pot on the windowsill held this small little white nub peeking out at us. It is tiny and only just breaking the surface of the soil but it’s exciting.

Sometimes things really do just happen over night. One day It’s just a dirty, muddy, dark, uncertain, barren pot of soil. You know there should be something bubbling under the surface. Some growth. Some small miracle waiting to happen. Yet you see nothing. No result. You grow impatient, concerned, perhaps you even become disappointed and ready to give up. Your at the tip where hope; that beam of light viewed between the gap of dark curtains is so thin that it almost disappears. The next day however something wakes you from that slumber. You dare to peek and suddenly the little beam of light reappears glowing just slightly brighter. Hope returns. Excitement becomes you and you see it. That brilliance. That divine miracle just beginning, continuing to grow up. It peaks out of the surface and suddenly it’s potential becomes clear.

I never knew growing an onion in a pot on the windowsill could be a doorway to understanding so many aspects of life. Another example of the importance of trying, of believing and of never ever giving up.

We began here –

Growing Onions From Kitchen Scraps

Onion Growing – Part 2

Growing Onions – Quick Update


I wonder where this journey will end….


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