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Onion Growing – Part 2

*This is M’s first photo contribution. He also typed this post himself, enthusiastically with a lot of dictation and guidance.*

Yesterday we chopped another onion and saved the root part to plant, this time hopefully in the garden, so that we can compare its growth with our first onion experiment (if they grow at all).

I temporarily placed it on top of the other plant pot until I had the chance to take it outside and then promptly forgot all about it until this evening when I was preparing yet another onion for dinner. I know we eat a lot of onions!

I picked it up to take a look and found this –


Little new white roots beginning to peep through.

Just 24 hours not even buried in the soil and we have several millimetres of new growth! I never expected it would make progress so quickly and wish I could see beneath the soil to view the progress of the first onion bottom we planted. I could dig out carefully and take a look but I think I better not disturb it and rather look forward to its first little green shoot peeking out of the soil.

Ill get this second beauty planted tomorrow in the garden hopefully. Check back for more updates soon!


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