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Fiscal Fast – Cold Enduced Hiccup

That’s it! We have managed to avoid serious colds all winter.  Until now that is. Everyone except me seems to have quite a cough but no sign of runny noses. Yet I on the other hand have escaped the cough but have been hit hard with a stuffy nose and even as I type I am trying to hold back an impending sneeze.

I recognise that colds are not the end of the world and perhaps expected at this time of year. I’d normally battle them with some lemon, honey, ginger, teas, oranges, home made chicken and vegetable soups and plenty of vitamins but this is where the ‘hicupp’ lies; I have no garlic left, only a tiny bit of fresh lemon, a little honey, no onions or peppers and very little fresh fruit and veg at all. Its only been a week and we are already running out of things I really didn’t anticipate we would be so low on so quickly.

We still have plenty of meats and fish, pasta, rice, beans, spice, condaments in the freezer and cupboards but we have also run low on the items I need to make sauces or complete meals.

If I was living on my own it wouldn’t be a problem. For a couple of weeks I’d make it work and I’d have fun trying all the odd, vegetable-less meals I could come up with. I’ve achieved it in the past, especially in my college days, and it was a thoroughly enjoyable challenge. However now my situation has evolved slightly in recent years. I am now responsible for two growing little people in my care, an adult who is recovering from surgery and in addition all four of us are having our immune systems attacked by this cold. Nutrition now is more important to us than ever and health definitely trumps money but I am not ready to give up on our no spend challenge yet

So all that being said I have decided to bend the rules for the remaining 2 and half weeks to get us all back up to peak health.

I am now adding in the allowance of a small food budget to allow us to stock up each week with just enough to keep us healthy.

I will write a 7 day food plan to make sure that we are buying no more than is absolutely nessicary and will set the spending limit to £30 per week (I’ll aim to come in under budget).

There will still be no takeaways, no processed foods (crisps, chocolates, biscuits etc) other than what’s already left in the house and meals will be simple with no requirements for extra spices or expensive ingredients.

All the other rules still stand no spending at all on anything else.

I’ll be back to share our 7 day menu soon so watch this space…..




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