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Growing Onions From Kitchen Scraps

Did you know you know that for every onion you use you could grow another?In fact I discovered today, from Mrs Happy Homemakers blog that there a quite a few other vegetables you can re grow from the bits we tend to waste and discard too!

Take a look at Mrs Happy Homemakers list here!

Growing onions is something I’ve been meaning to try for a while. So as I was prepping dinner today I decided to follow my own advice to just take 5 minutes and do it now. I popped out to the garden, filled a pot with soil, took my onion end with its roots on (wishing I’d taken a picture now), placed it in the pot and covered with soil. Done.


I’ve put it on the kitchen window and now I shall wait, water as needed and see what happens.

I’ll update you in a few days time and let you know how it’s growing.

In the meantime if you’ve ever grown vegetables from scrap I’d love to hear about how it went!

Please comment below!


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