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Just 5 Little Minutes

Sometimes we are all guilty of putting off things that we know we aught to be doing. In fact alot of the time it’s things that we really WANT to do  but there’s some barrier holding us back. The excuses or reasons we find ourselves giving when others ask us how we are getting on are usually along the same line:

  • Too tired
  • Too busy
  • We are worried about the outcome
  • It’s hard
  • We don’t have the right tools/equipment to get started
  • We are not sure where to start
  • Waiting for somebody else help or advice
  • Lack of support

Maybe there’s a few other reasons out there too.

Now I’m not saying these points are not valid. Sometimes we do get over worked and need to rest, sometimes a task really isn’t possible to complete without two people and sometimes the outcome may be worse than what we had hoped for. Yet the truth is there is always going to be reasons, for not doing something and if we let those road blocks stand firm in the way we will never get things done.

A friend reminded me to day that often the longer we procrastinate and avoid the tasks the harder it appears to be to get started. So my advice….. just do it. Right now. Stop what you are doing set a timer for 5 mins and begin working on that one task you’ve been wanting to get round to.

Perhaps it’s reading a book. 5 minutes.

Writing a novel. 5 minutes.

Weeding the garden. 5 minutes.

Cleaning out your closet. 5 minutes.

Go swimming….  Okay unless you’ve got a pool in your house you’d probably need more than 5 minutes for that but perhaps you could take 5 minuets to get your stuff together in a bag, select a day and time and stick it on the calendar.

Practice Maths. 5 minutes.

Learn to bake. Start with 5 minutes of looking up a few recipes and writing a shopping list for ingredients.

You get the idea!

Whatever it is get started now. I guarantee you will not just feel better about the task it’s self, you will increase your motivation. You may even find you just can’t stop after 5 minutes. If you did 5 minutes everyday or even slowly increased the time so that each day you were spending as much time as you can give on that given task it’d be completed before you know it.


Go on run with it.

Stop reading.

Take 5.



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