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Fiscal Fast – End of Week 1

Week one of my Fiscal Fast has flown by rather undramatically and I am almost disappointed that there hasn’t been more to share.

The biggest achievement of the week has to be the DIY Washing Up Liquid.

The hardest part of the week…hmm well in all honesty it’s been pretty easy. We’ve even had less tears than usual from little M when being told he can’t have a magazine. Infact, before we even entered the last shop we visited ( we tooka family member shopping) M said quite cheerfully “I don’t want magazines anymore.”

**Internal Happy Dance**

We are certainly finding more positives than negatives arising from this no spending challenge. Not being able to purchase a few books that I would like for doing some research has been a little frustrating though but I am learning that with just a little more effort and time finding reliable information on the internet is more friendly on my bank balance at least.

Difficulties I anticipate for week two:

We only have 1 and a half toilet rolls left so I am not sure how that’s going to pan out. Plus we are also running low on disposable nappies. I tend to only use disposables on little A for over night or for longer outings so I guess we will stick to cloth nappies for the longer outings from now on and when the disposables run out all together we will have to use cloth at night too which has its own challenges but that’s a whole other post for some other time maybe.

I can’t say for certain how much I’ve managed to save in comparison to other weeks persay because to be truthful I don’t usually monitor my out goings week by week but I can say that I have been able to pay a decent chunk off of my debts and added £103 to my savings.

In addition I’ve had some amazing little light bulb moments throughout the week which I’m pretty sure would not have occurred if it wasn’t for the challenge or at least they would not have seemed so significant if they had.

It’s pretty amazing what a difference just 7 days of no spending can make to your purse and mind.











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