Fiscal Fast – Opportunity To Serve

So it’s day 5 of my 30 day no spend challenge and I’ve discovered something a little special that never occurred to me before; Fiscal Fasting provides us with an opportunity to serve others. 

Today, I stumbled across the opportunity to run some shopping errands for my Mum.* As I was going around the shop spending her money, I realised how this could help those who enjoy shopping convert their spending habits into something that could truly benefit others.

( I figure I didn’ t break the fast since its me whose on the saving spree and the money was not mine nor were the items I purchased for me) 

You know those days when you walk into the shop with a short list in hand but you havnt eaten lunch yet and you start filling your trolley with as many mouth watering things that you can find. The occasions when pop into the big supermarket for a few items and tell yourself you’ll just browse at the clothes and end up with an entirely new outfit and one each for the kids too. Or perhaps you get drawn in by all those penny saving offers or BOGOF deals, (what a great sounding acronym) and before you know it you are way over your food or toiletry budget. Surely though if someone else sent you to the shop with their little list and their money to pay for it you’d more than likely stick to exactly what they’ve requested you buy right? Perhaps someone you know may have a habit of over spending on things they never intended to buy and by offering to help them by going to pick up there grocer’s could be doing them a double kindness in saving them from stretching their budgets too.

Maybe there is someone in your family or community that is unable to get their shopping themselves, or is feeling overwhelmed with other duties and needs a break or you simply think you could lend a hand.

At the very least you get to do some shopping, still stick to your no spend goals and feel great about doing some good. I call that a win-win.


* If your purpose for completing a Fiscal Fast is to break a shopping or spending habit rather than a short term saving goal this may not be the right time to start shopping for others as it only enables you to continue that habit. 


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