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The Pursuit Of Happiness

“The Way To Be Happy Is To Be Good”  Laddie: A True Blue Story By Gene Stratton-porter


Those nine short words conjure a powerful imagery. The key to our happiness is right within our grasp if only we CHOOSE it. 

Each one of us has a moral compass. A set of values that we use to decide if something is good or bad, right or wrong. When we are acting in ways that we know to be bad for us or others, that are counter productive and go against our deepest values it is hard for our minds to allow us a moments peace.

I am certain we have all experienced a time where we have done something we new we shouldn’t. Perhaps telling our parents it wasn’t us who broke their favorite dish, or calling in sick for work when perhaps we were really just craving a day of rest. We can find ourselves feeling anxious, remorseful, uncertain of the consequences and will be having an internal conflict constantly trying to justify our actions to ourselves to ease our conscience. As a result we are most likely to feel unhappy and discontent.

Yet in contrast when we own up to breaking that dish, apologise, seek forgiveneas and try our best to replace it with something the same or better we feel a weight lift off our shoulders. There is no hiding the deed is done, the truth is known and the consequences have been dealt with.

When we pull ourselves together, forfill our commitments and haul ourselves into work despite our desperate desire to stay under the duvets in our Pj’s we may console ourselves with the fact the weekend is almost here. We know that we havnt let anyone down and that we’ve done the right thing by not lieing about it. We may even see if we can book ourselves a day off in the near future to compensate and we will enjoy that day off without worrying about some web of lies we may have weaved.  As a result we are content, we can rest easily and be happy.

When we “make compromise with sin” we are sacrificing our happiness.

So if your feeling uncontent or blue ask yourself are your actions inline with your values? Could you possibly be any better? Are you doing the next right, good thing?





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