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Goodbye 2017!

Celebrating the new year Is not something I’ve brought myself to do very often throughout my life. This year has been no exception here I lie warm and cozy under the duvet, just awoken by the neighbours extremely loud but very pretty fireworks. Im a sucker for pretty things! I got up drew back my curtains, climbed back under my duvet and am enjoying a wonderful site watching fireworks from all the different houses in veiw! I did try to wake little M but he is having absolutely none of it!

With each flash and bang I sit here not looking towards 2018 with any great anticipation because seriously who knows what’s to come and I’m certainly not one who believes that the turn of the new year will bring magical improvements or changes.  Those moments happen anytime in the year when we work for them. Instead I am looking back and saying goodbye to a year that has been full to the brim with all of life’s little intricacies. All its highs and lows.

As a family we started the year with my Mum joining us for one month in Hurghada and had several trips backwards and forwards this year. We’ve swam in seas, visited friends, taken trips to London, been to the zoo, camped for the first time ever, spent huge amount of time in nature, read so many classic books that I lost count (60+ at least) I’ve learnt to cook a wider variety of meals. We’ve been physically distanced from my husband for the greater part of the year and it’s been one emotional roller coaster. We have worked hard on our families core, increased our service to others, we’ve all made new friends, joined homeschool meets, took the boys crabbing for the first time and explored and learnt about so many amazing things along the way. I’ve learnt to embrace and enjoy the cold weather in the UK which I’ve spent an entire lifetime moaning about. I’ve learnt to crochet, explored maths and numbers in new ways,  we’ve had numerous trips to Dr’s and hospitals for various reasons ranging from general vaccinations, broken fingers, knee draining and even heart surgeries. Explored forests, parks, city’s and villages. We’ve survived leaky tents, broken down cars, big emotional outbursts from little people and admittedly sometimes the big people too and a whole host of other difficulties. The children and I have studied, rocks, frogs, volcanoes, maps, pirates, trains, planes, rockets, cars, dinosaurs, feathers, pine cones, native Americans, musical instruments, history, the deep blue seas, space, feathers and a whole host of other sibjects. The theatre has been a frequent place of visit for us this year. A has learnt to walk, talk, climb, recognise letters and get into every nook and cranny possible. M has grown from a toddler into a deeper thinking, hyper, active, emotive, helpful and creative little boy.

I could go on for a life time but my point is I can’t say that 2017 has ever been boring. We’ve been on our toes all year round yet there is still so much more for us to do.

I am so blessed and greatful to have received fantastic support from all the individuals I’ve had the pleasure of sharing my 2017 with! Thank you!

So I wave Good Bye to another years hive of activity and welcome 2018 which will inevitably be weaving it’s own web for us to explore from this moment onwards.

What were your highlights of 2017?


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