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The One Thing You Wish Your Child Would Know

Whilst re-reading ‘Leadership Education: The Phases of Learning’ by Oliver and Rachel Demille it became evident that the first time through this book over a year ago I really only skimmed the surface of what it had to teach me about the education and raising of my children.

In chapter two the Demille pose a question  – “If my child could do or know only one thing what would it be?”

A flood of answers rushed to my mind. There are so many things I want my children to know and pin pointing one  was extremely difficult.

But here it is….

The one thing I wish my children to know is that God made the lives of every living organism and inanimate object temporary. That when we leave this earth we currently reside upon, left behind are the results of our deeds and the implications of our actions. Our interactions with others leave lasting impressions. That ultimately it is a choice. A choice to act for better or for worse. Each individual may choose to do the ‘next right thing’ . To strive to do good in each and every task . They may choose to give their best effort to ensure their remaining imprint will be one of a positive nature.

I want my children to know that the quality of and contentment they feel in this life and the next will be down to the choices they make today.


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