I almost broke…

So far setting up this blog has had a few minor challenges. Firstly, I struggled to figure out how to remove or change the logos. I’ve typed up entire posts only somehow to loose them or accidently delete bits and have to start again. Secondly, making the decision whether to keep it minimal and leave out images and photos, what to include what not to include took quite a bit of brain power. Thirdly, I already knew I enjoyed writing but I never anticipated that once I started I wouldn’t be able to stop. Even when I’m not typing I’m thinking about all the things I could write about.

Today though the challenge of setting up my blog AND of my no spend challenge clashed and luckily I stopped my self just in time before I aimed the latter. You see I’ve been wanting to add some features to my site but in order to do that I need to upgrade and to upgrade I need to spend money. I was going through the motions and luckily the thought crossed my mind as I was about to hit the pay button ‘No wait, pay! This is a no spend month right!’.

I got to admit I was a little bit gutted as my mouse hovered over the button how can the very challenge I’m writing about impede my ability to push forward with improving the very platform upon which I am sharing it with you all! As gutted as I was I navigated away from the page as quickly as possible and who knows maybe it’s a blessing in disguise. Now I’ve got more time to think it all through and look over all my options before making a decision!

There are so many avenues to throw our money into every single day that breaking that spending habit can be tricky sometimes!

I almost broke…almost…

via Daily Prompt: Almost


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