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DIY Washing Up Liquid

Day 2 of my Fiscal Fast had me realise that I was already quite low on washing up liquid and sticking with the strategic plan of using my backup options first, I set to thinking about what I could use instead.

For years my grandmother has ranted and raved about the superb qualities of soda crystals. She swears by them for cleaning almost anything and I often use them to soak really greasy dishes in before I wash them up and the results are truly astonishing.  Tackling grease and scrubbing or long soaking of stuck on  foods are a thing of the past. Which got me wondering what was used before liquid dish soap was invented and why don’t we just use soda crystals since they are cost-effective and clean excellently?

So today I put it to the test and washed all our dishes in soda crystals and the result sparkly clean, no scrubbing effort required and the water felt much softer. I have sensitive skin on the back of my hands and usually notice after washing up I get a sore patch on the back of my hand, this seems to be to a lot less problematic after using soda crystals though I’d recommend if you do suffer from sensitive skin stick on some washing up gloves. They’ll definitely be on my next shopping list. The other great thing about soda crystals is that they are a lot cheaper than washing up liquid which never seems to last all that long these days and varies widely in price depending on the brand. For £1.75 I can get a 1.5 kg of soda crystals and you only need a dessert spoon full in a bowl of washing up water in comparison to the cost of washing liquid at a cost of anywhere from £1 – 1.60 for 500ml.

You can also use soda crystals for numerous other jobs around the home. Cleaning kitchen appliances, floors, washing down walls, softening water, stain remover and I’ve even read it can be used for cleaning garden paths! It really is multi functional.

There are a few drawbacks however. Firstly there are no lovely soapy bubbles that I’ve become so accustomed too and they do make the washing up water look murky and things most definitely need a rinse, but then I rinse most things anyway. They also lack any perfumed smell but I figure this can easily be rectified with a good squirt of lemon juice, which according too an article I read at care2.com, Diana Herrington informs us that

“Lemons have powerful antibacterial properties; experiments have found the juice of lemons destroy the bacteria of malaria, cholera, diphtheria, typhoid and other deadly diseases.”

So if you’re ever out of washing up liquid or looking to save some money. If you’ve got stubborn marks on pots and pans that won’t come off or have any other cleaning needs reach for a bag of soda crystals. Im seriously considering switching to using them full time.


Share your DIY Washing up liquids with us below or are there any we should avoid completely?


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