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Due to a 14 month old whose learnt to open ‘n’ dump the contents of every draw and cupboard onto the floor, limited storage space in our temporary accommodation and a passionate dislike for tidying all day, I have been at my wits end trying to keep the floor toy and clutter free.

I’ve been through sorted them out and got rid of toys we no longer need but there is still so many that bring them joy and have tons of educational functions also. I toyed with the idea of putting them all out of reach and letting them choose one toy for the morning and one for the afternoon but that seems a little too regimented for our household!

This morning however after my youngest dumped the entire draws contents on the floor I snapped and gathered all the board games, puzzles, threading beads and a few other toys that contain multiple bits. I cleared out the cupboard in my beureu in our ‘back room’ (where the children are forbidden to go without being accompanied) and I put the entire hoard neat and tidy inside! I’ve told my oldest if he wants something that’s up there he can ask for it otherwise we will pick one game to play as a family each night from the cupboard.

Less mess and stress for me, new tradition for us all and perhaps the games will stay in tact and perhaps the nature of keeping something out of reach will give the games more allure and they’ll actually play with them rather than getting them out to just dump all over the floor! Maybe there will be some they never get out and then we will know which ones we can get rid of without much fuss later down the line…

Or perhaps it’s all just wishful thinking. Either way the dumping has ceased for now, the rooms are less cluttered and I can breath a sigh of relief and relax with a cup of coffee feeling like the morning has been productive!



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