Fiscal Fast – Day 1


This morning an idea struck me (it’s been one of those light bulb days). It is said that when it comes to tackling big challenges we often set ourselves up for failure by being ill prepared or taking the wrong steps first. I was thinking about what the hardest parts of my previous no spend challenges had been and why? I realised that it’s always the last few days that is the most difficult because as the kitchen cupboards run empty and supplies dwindle I’m left with all the things I either have no idea what to do with, that I feel take a lot of preparation or that I am just not that keen on. It dosnt help that by that point I really am craving for a big bar of chocolate or a nice Chinese takeaway (a bit food obsessed maybe).

Therefore I’m starting by using the things I dislike or find more difficult to use up first. In Shaa Allah that will leave me the things I like most or are easiest to cook for use towards the end of the month. In theory whilst motivation is strong I’ll get through the most difficult part and towards the end of the month when my motivation usually becomes incredibly weak things will be just that little bit easier. I also realised that this way I’d use up the fresh fruit and veg first. I’ll admit it dosnt always all get used up and shamefully sometimes goes to waste so this way we can eliminate our food waste as much as possible too!

This morning I switched out easy cereals for semolina pudding with honey and raisins for breakfast.

My best friend came from London to visit this week and joined us for lunch. Luckily she knows my antics and is super easy going so didn’t mind a simple one of pitta bread, cream cheese, grapes and pears.

I used up some super unhealthy instant packet mash potatoes for my dinner too.

Yet my biggest achievement of the day by far was my coconut bread and butter pudding which I made for the first time ever today. I remember my Nan making it for us as children but with normal milk and childhood foods have to be the most comforting.  I had half a can of coconut milk in the fridge that I wasn’t sure what to do with and a loss of bread that was no longer fresh and thought I’d experiment! It was delicious and super easy.

Can’t wait to see what  the rest of the week inspires!






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