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Moments to Cherish

Each and everyday there are a million things I am greatful to for – another day of life granted to me by God,  the roof over my head, the food in my kitchen, my fleece outfit for keeping me warm and saving me money on heating…

The list of things I have to be greatful for is endless but those that I Cherish the most are my family. Especially my children.

Today my mum presented one gift to each of our boys. My youngest took little interest in opening his at first, despite his brothers not so subtle coaxing to get on with it, it took him over an hour before he decided to take the paper off and have a peak.  The awe filled look on his face as he unwrapped his wooden clock puzzle, pointed and said “Clock” was a true cherishable moment. He didn’t say ‘thank you’ but it was clear to us that he meant it.

His 3 year old brother, who had gently worked his way into his gift, thanked my mum and was clutching on to his two new cars whilst his Uncle and Nan peiced the track together, suddenly paused and with doe like eyes, twisting his body side to side looked up and said “Nan why did you get this for me?”

There was something about this question that caught me off guard. He was clearly enamoured with the present and spent the remainder of the day playing with it. He was thankful and excited to be given it. Yet this question stired all sorts of emotions in me. I was happy to see that he recognised it wasn’t everyday he was given something new.

My husband and I do not traditionally celebrate birthdays or Christmas and aim to give gifts spontaneously when we see something we know another will truly love. Recently I’ve been trying to teach my oldest about the value of waiting and saving for something you need or want and he recently spent over a month, helping with ‘family work’  earning coins and collecting them in his robot until he had enough to purchase the toy he’d had his eyes on for a while.  So when he posed the  ‘why he received a gift’ question I felt that he had really internalised the lesson learnt earlier on in the year. Yet my emotions were mixed I did start to wonder if he had gotten the idea if he hadn’t worked hard for something he should question if he deserved it? I’m undecided if that’s a negative or not but I am 100% certain that it was a moment I will Cherish forever.

Sometimes life gets so busy that we don’t get a chance to take stock of the things we hold close to our hearts each day, the things that bring us the most joy and when we do it lifts our spirits and helps us to see clearly what matters most. So take a moment and think about the things that have happened to you today. Which moments will you Cherish and reflect back on for years to come?











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